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Aztec Adventure

Archeology Professor Jones was said to be missing in search of an artifact used by Queen Gilukhipa on an ancient Aztec ruin on the island of Boracay. While recovering his tracks inside the ruins, you found out that there are other groups that are after the artifact as well and they will do whatever it takes to grab hold of it. With your life in danger, you have only 1 hour left to find the professor and the artifact before they find you inside the ruins and kill you.


Rebecca's Revenge

A group of spirit questors were hired to solve the mystery of Rebecca's disappearance from her room in Jupiter, Makati City.

After a few hours of investigating the paranormal activities inside the room, they thought they managed to solve the mystery. However, this didn't give peace to Rebecca's soul. The spirit questors left the scene thinking their work was done... all along leaving the spirit of Rebecca trapped inside her room.

As part of the remaining group, you have 1 hour to find a way to keep Rebecca from killing your group.

Do you have what it takes to stop Rebecca's Revenge?

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Reversed Reality

It's 2016 and the psychopathic killer Enigma has been captured by the government. Using a method called dream snatching, you are hired to extract an evil plan from Enigma's mind within 60 minutes. In the process of extraction, you have to overcome several mind blocks and solve complex puzzles scattered within Enigma's sinister head.

If you fail, millions of people will be in danger.



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